Friday Frivolities: Famous lady mos, Fitbit / Fatbit, Speedy speed dating and more

Five bits of frivolity for a hearty dose of Friday distraction.

Excuse me, I moustache you a question.

And the question would be: 1) Did you read that in Sean Connery's accent? 2) Have you ever seen Lorde with dirty mo?

(Via @Famoustaches)

Burn calories, give calories

A nice little campaign. FitBit makes fun of their last ads with the help of funny man Joel McHale. Theres even a good cause thrown in there - hurray! 

The speediest speed dating

Ford Mustang takes some unsuspecting fellows for a Valentines Day hoon.

Remember that little white girl from the Missy Elliot videos?

Everyone was gutted she didn't feature in Missy's performance at the Super Bowl. So she made a dance video featuring a mashup of Missy Elliot's biggest songs and dedicated it to the legendary hip hop artist.

This is what she used to look like.

John Oliver vs. prescription drugs

And all the scary facts about how they are marketed.