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Speeding down a giant, inflatable water slide sounds like fun?

The brainchild of Jimi Hunt (owner of Idealog’s “awesomest beard”), a massive 600m long water slide is coming to Auckland’s Bethells Beach, just in time to catch the very end of glorious summer weather in March.

All in the name of supporting mental health in NZ, hundreds of partiers and sliding enthusiasts are poised to slither down at the event hosted by Live More Awesome, a charity set up by Hunt in his battles against depression.

Last year’s slide was a ditch in the middle of a field lined by black tarp – this year it’s all inflated and looking rather flash, and Hunt hopes it’s going to be an even better experience than the last.

Below is a video of last year’s event.

Information for next year’s event should soon be available on worldsbiggestwaterslide.com.

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