Students stitch outside the lines for Four Days of Fashion

The Four Days if Fashion, run by Heart of the City, kicked off with the Resene NZ Fashion Tech Colour of Fashion. The exhibition showcased works from budding design students, who were given a brief by Resene to work outside of the box.

The creative challenge for 2017 will be judged by Resene, who are looking for creations that would, “refuse to bow to the convention of ordinary.”

Students from the New Zealand Institute of Fashion Technology were asked to look at fashion capitals for inspiration, and work from Resene’s in-season palette of fashion colours.

12 looks were chosen, from 16 original creations that were selected to show at New Zealand Fashion Week in August last year. 15 of the 16 looks were re-created in India as part of an international education collaboration.

The designs themselves showcase the harder, technical side of the fashion industry. Students created items, such as whole dresses from Sari’s, while conforming to a colour palette while trying to creating something extraordinary.

Other designs included a mix of dresses, pants, and coats which all had different qualities surrounding their creation – but all stuck within the colour pallet. One such item, done by student Hayley Smith, uses Resene Daredevil and Germany as the inspiration for a pleated dress with frill designs.

Most the students, with a colour as their staple, went for strong lines and embellishments to communicate their ideas. The collection holds a lot of unique silhouettes, with no two pieces the same.

The 12 designs stand on display at the foyer of the Ellen Melville Centre until March 24.

This story first appeared at The Register.

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