The painted inspiration of Trelise Cooper

Fashion designer Trelise Cooper’s newest season has featured designs sourced from an unusual source of inspiration – a popular autistic painter.

The high-fashion gowns feature designs from the top emerging Chinese painter, who was diagnosed with Autism at age three, and his incredible works of art.

Cooper, who shares a long time personal relationship with the artist known as BCY (Bi Changyu), is known for her glamorous clothing line and unique collections.

Select proceeds will go to the Children with Autism Foundation – this opportunity has in no way been handed to the artist, who has worked on previous projects with the designer.

The gowns blur the lines between fashion and art - as the dresses seen on the runway are a mixture of each.

The Theatre of Fashion, which runs for four nights in the late of June, shows the latest Summer collection by the designer. A collaboration of brands which ensures Coopers message is translated through the show and its success.

Several gowns were based of BCY’s work, with other art of his available for a raffle draw – to which all proceeds went to the charity.

Trelise Cooper has seen growth already in 2017, with a new flagship store opened in Wellington, and more than one runway show drawing in crowds from all over New Zealand.

This story first appeared atThe Register.

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