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Thunderpants’ native bird collection perfect for preening – or not

Are you bored of plain underwear and have an interest in native birds? Well, then Thunderpants latest design is going to have your knickers in a twist.

A purple kereru, a stripey kiwi, or polka dot kaka are part of the ‘Thunderbird’ collection, the prime opportunity to remain modest yet educated with flair.

The underwear comes with crayon rocks, which give the user the opportunity to colour in their line-work underwear, preferably not while they’re in them. Or at work.

Described as native birds for your bum, there is no way this collection won’t be a flying success.

Thunderpants products are made in New Zealand, and according to creator Josie Bidwill, are produced only from the highest quality and ethically sourced certified yarn.

“Being New Zealand made is something we are very proud of and we wanted to celebrate with a unique New Zealand print.”

Bidwill’s patriotic outlook on undergarments is inspiring, as she says the best icon from New Zealand to put on underwear are our native birds.

“As a country, we have a real connection with our native birds, everyone has their favourite, so we thought what better New Zealand icon to put on a pair of Thunderpants!”

Family owned and operated, Thunderpants have been producing fun and organic clothing since 1995.

A pair of Thunderbirds will set you back around $28, the shirts and tights also included in the collection retail at $68.

This story first appeared at The Register.
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