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Best Design finalists announced. We pick our five favs from … Product design!

Wool Runners by Jamie McLellan Ltd for Allbirds

We love these super comfy Allbirds sneakers designed by Jamie McLellan. We wrote about Allbirds here. (Spoiler alert: they’re taking over the direct-to-consumer show market.)

Clever Kash by 4DESIGN for ASB

We covered Clever KashASB’s digital money box, in our latest issue. It allows parents to give their kids money digitally and teaches kids about saving and financial responsibility and all that good stuff. And it looks cool.

The Misprint Co. by The Misprint Co. for The Misprint Co.

Turing your (non-confidential) waste paper into stationery, The Misprint Co. are part of the burgeoning circular economy, making things you want out of things you don’t want. The Misprint Co.’s Jenny Buckler wrote about the company’s journey and mission for us here.

Hex Local by Lincoln Hill at Massey University

We don’t know anything about this bike. Never seen it before. But we like it. It looks like a better version of the bikes you drew at primary school. (We all drew bikes and cars and sneakers at primary school, right?)

Arm Chair by Clark Bardsley Design for Clark Bardsley Design

You gotta admit, this is pretty funny. More in a chuckle way than a LOL way, but still – there’s no way Clark Bardsley didn’t have a little chuckle when he came up with this.

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