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Best Design Awards 2016 finalists: Best Effect Award

DNA – ACC: Levy consultation website

Simple, easy-to-read infographics make this website for the ACC friendly for visitors. Stacey Orr, Zakary Kinnaird, Leif Roy, James Ayers, Gill Coltart, Kristin Jarvis and the ACC Project Team are the forces behind it. If nothing, it makes understanding levies and staying informed that much easier.

Enztec – Business Transformation

Shiny. That’s the first word that comes to mind when checking out these orthopedic medical tools from Iain McMillan, Sarah Thompson, Marika Mulqueen, and iMagic for Enztec Limited. They make making things look cool – not exactly the easiest task.

Goodnature and Department of Conservation – A24 & Automatic Lure Pump

Designed for the great outdoors by Robert Van Dam, Craig Bond, Stu Barr, Chris Dwan, Hiroshi Tokunaga, Grace Paske, Jadon McConnell, Darren Peters, Mike Arnold and Nick Graham for the Department of Conservation, this lure pump system requires only two maintenance visits per year – 17 times less than current lure pump systems. Now that’s increasing efficiency.

Allbirds – Allbirds Wool Runners

Unless you’ve been living under a literal rock, you probably know that Kiwi wool shoe company Allbirds is taking the world by storm. We’ve covered them again and again (and again), and still can’t stop raving about them.


The Best Design Awards 2016 will be handed out on Friday, 14 October at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland. Tickets can be ordered online.

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