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AUT students win shot at retail glory in Auckland CBD

It’s time for new talent to be put to the test, with CCO Next Generation, a collective of 11 AUT Fashion Design School graduates, taking out the Pop Up Now and 10 Days of Fashion in the City competition.

The competition is part of Heart of the City’s 10 Days of Fashion in the City campaign. It set out to give new talent in the fashion industry a chance to get some real-world experience with a pop-up retail shop, featuring $4000 fit out by Pop Up Now and furniture from Cult Designs.

Lizzi Hines, managing director of Pop Up Now by Spaceworks, says the group were the clear winners, with a collection oozing a real creative flair and distinguishing elements.

“We’re thrilled to be working with such talented up-and-coming young designers and to be giving them the opportunity to shine in the very competitive industry – that is fashion,” she says.

“We love that the group are eleven young talented New Zealanders all working together to create fabulousness and a commercial reality.”

With the target market being individuals who appreciate quality and uniqueness, CCO Next Generation’s philosophy is individuality and innovation achieved by being ‘designer-makers’ and focusing on design development, using unique materials, processes and techniques.

All eleven members will work to design and make the one-of-a-kind pieces, which are made with materials sourced from New Zealand suppliers and craftspeople, as well as run the business in the pop-up shop.

The store, located in The Chancery, will be open from  March 4 to 6 to take advantage of the foot traffic generated by Heart of the City’s 10 Days of Fashion in the City campaign and the adjacent Designer Garage Sale.

The article originally appeared on The Register.

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