Tech of the Week: the world’s first fully working Star Trek communicator

Tech of the Week: the world’s first fully working Star Trek communicator
Okay, admittedly, I’m a little young for The Original Series, but no Trekkie worth their salt won’t have gone back and seen the first run of the hit Sci-Fi show. And now, one company has created the granddaddy of smart devices – the original Star Trek communicator.

It’s the San Diego Comic-Con this week. That means it’s also time for the biggest news coming out of the slightly “nerdier” industries – gaming, comics, anime, and everything awesome under the sun.

I’m very excited.

On top of the various leaked trailers to upcoming super hero movies, Star Wars panel, and just general geeky madness, one company has now launched a fully functioning communicator from Star Trek: The Original Series.

The device is created by The Wand Company, and allows users to make and receive mobile calls. While it’s not quite strong (or advanced) enough to talk to a spaceship orbiting above our heads, it will pair with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones to answer calls.

It comes with a stand that holds an invisible magnetic catch to put the device securely in place, and allows built-in wireless charging.

It’s made with diecast metal, stamped and machined aluminium, and a painstakingly reproduced housing texture means it’s a serious prop for serious collectors. Sound bites and recorded conversation fragments from the show can also be played, as well as music streamed from a Bluetooth-paired device.

If you want one of these things, you can order it here now.


All images in the copy has been sourced from StarTrek.com

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