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Last day to submit designs for new New Zealand flag

The government is calling all creative/nationalistic types to submit their designs for New Zealand’s new banner. Submissions can be made here, but you’ve only got until 11:59pm tonight to submit your design.

More than 5000 submissions have been made so far, with favoured design platforms ranging from MS Paint to Photoshop to that perennial favourite, crayon on newsprint.

Once the deadline passes at midnight tonight, the Flag Consideration Panel will review the submissions and produce four finalists that will be offered up to public vote at the end of the year.

There will then be a second refurendum in April next year to determine whether the flag is, in fact, changed.

Some of Idealog‘s favourites so far:

‘Nz Flag’, designed by Jack Whitley

‘Voyage’, designed by: Anthony Ford from Canterbury

‘The Great Big Sky’, designed by Archie Seymour Clifford Verry from Waikato

‘NZ Koru – Openness and Transparency in a Land of Freedom – Design #15’, designed by Mike Archer 

‘Flag for all New Zealanders’, designed by Alison Choppin from Waikato

‘Kanuka flag’, designed by: Laura Cameron from Canterbury

‘Together (6)’, designed by Chris Wadsworth from Auckland

‘Land of the Long White Sheepcloud’, designed by Hamish Duncanson from Bay of Plenty

‘The Union Fern’, designed by Sven Baker from Wellington

‘Connected People & Land (on Teal)’, designed by Sven Baker from Wellington

View all the submissions already made to the panel here.

Think you can do better? Upload your own flag design here

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