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A garden in the middle of your apartment building.

When people move from the suburbs into the CBD they do not necessarily want to give up their garden and the parks surrounding.

But, the Union Green development has a focus on lush, landscaped gardens and greenery.

Myland Partners are the developers behind this project alongside master planners Fearon Hay and architects Peddle Thorp.

Myland Partners director Andrew Fawcet says this is the perfect site to create something special that differed from anything else.

The new development has prime positioning at 39-47 Union Street and offers buyers both the option of terraced homes and apartments with 180 degree views.

But it is the communal parkland ‘The Green’ and the landscaping of this project that has people talking.

Multi-award winning landscape designers Natural Habitats have been on board from the beginning to help create this green complex.

They have also aided the structural design so the greenery can be sustained for a long time.

“The landscape designers have been really clever to carefully produce growing media so we can rely on plants been healthy and sustained,” says Fawcet.

Each terrace house will have its own private garden terrace, while the apartments enjoy a sheltered recessed lanai balcony making it suitable to enjoy the outdoors even in the rain.

“There is a growing realisation that the New Zealand environment is unique, and a principle component of this is its dominant flora. This is now starting to find its way into architecture,” says Fawcet.

Mature jacaranda trees and karaka trees, large-scale green walls and native shrubbery across each and every floor is designed to create the ultimate ‘leafy suburb’ living in the inner city.

“The landscaping integrated into the building is pretty innovative in this country with trees on the balconies. A mix of natives are included because they can withstand the weather almost as if they were growing on the cliffs of Piha,” says Richard Goldie, the architect from Peddle Thorp.

He says the whole design privileges everyone to have a north-facing aspect.

“The apartments will have all day sun and plenty of natural light, the tower is single loaded so you only have rooms on one side, with the terraces on the lower level going all the way through so you have natural light and ventilation.”

Union Green is part of the Auckland City Master Plan, which aims to re-invent the CBD into a better area for work, relaxation and entertainment, with the likes of City Works Depot, Victoria Park and Ponsonby a stones throw away.

The master plan challenges future developments such as Union Green to provide and meet a range of needs while increasing the desirability and affordability of the city centre as a place to live.

Having quality opening spaces and building design is a central element in attracting and retaining residents.

Dense-living environment in the city centre needs to be complemented by safe, private and communal open spaces, which Union Green offers.

“To achieve this – and we go back to authenticity again – it has to exist to credible neighbourhoods, excellently located and with great amenity for both private and working lives,” says Fawcet.  

“As with all apartment projects the challenge is to create residences that are authentically inhabitable – you can live in them, moreover you enjoy living in them,” says Fawcet.

He believes the range of terraces and apartments that Union Green offer delivers this enjoyment.

With the price ranging from $400,000 to $1,200,000 there is an affordable price point for everyone from first homebuyers to those wanting to downsize and move into the city.

Fawcet says they are on track to sell out before the end of June, as the development has been fairly appealing to a majority of owner-operators rather than investors.

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