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Pin-up models? Try some extreme weather instead on your calendar poster

Gefest Insurance uses dramatised dust storms, monsoons and drought to show the chaos that nature can bring and the extremities that could happen – and why you should be prepared with insurance.

When making their calendar, the company decided on something a little more out of the ordinary: beautiful scenes of nature wreaking havoc on civilisation going against the classic, picturesque nature shots and cute baby animals that often sit on our desk or hang on our walls.

The illustrator behind these distorted scenes, Evgeny Kazantsev, has gone with the liberty of his artistic license to create these scenes into almost hyper-reality.

 “All of these are real events that took place,” says Kazantsev.

“Of course, we made it look more theatrical than in reality. I bet if there were some eyewitnesses of those cataclysms the would be pretty surprised looking at what me made of it,” he says.

Some of the scenes are quite hard to imagine, such as a dust storm in Spain, a monsoon in India, and a flock of swarming birds losing their sense of navigation during a storm in Pennsylvania.

Yet each scene is portrayed quite realistically. “I like a combination of the high resolution hyper-realistic technique, the unusual content, and the artistic approach,” says Kazantsev.

“The meaning here was to make a photo with all its small details which is also fantastic and made according to the laws of art.”

This sure is one way to get people prepared for unexpected natural disasters and to buy insurance!

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