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Slice of light

Spotted (while sneaking an online shop) at The Clever Design Store, these Slice Lamps by Maker are sitting top of our wishlist. 

Maker is a Tauranga-based furniture and lighting design studio run by Mat Macmillan, who comes from a background of cabinetmaking and carpentry. 

He left a fulltime job in the industry, as he could see it veering away from older techniques and the use of natural wood – a passion that was introduced to him early on in his career.

“I’m trying to create a niche where I can continue to create things using traditional methods, and work with natural materials,” he says. “The intention is certainly artisanal.”

Mat Macmillan with Maker’s Slice Lamps. Photo / The Clever Design Store

Each lamp is handmade and uses panels of painted plywood, casting wonderful light patterns around the room.

When asked what inspired the lamps’ signature look, with its use of segmented fins, Mat admits it was a spontaneous design which evolved from a thoughtful use of offcuts. 

The range extends to other lamps of similar design, from tall to small, and is seen as an evolving project for Mat. “It’s a way of getting my work out there, and to generate interest from others. Hopefully, this way, I’ll get approached for more design-focused projects.”

Anyone wanting to collaborate with Mat can get in touch here.

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