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Object find: wooden wonders

Large blocks of jetulong timber are stained with vibrantly-coloured pigment, and shaped by a CNC machine into table tops, shelves, stools and other smaller objects. It looks spectacular, and doesn’t sound too complicated. Yet it took Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay of Raw Edges many years to find the right timber and pigment combination to have the colour bleed all the way through.

“We had to find a wood that would absorb the stain properly,” Alkalay tells design site Dezeen. “We tried over 20 different species until we realised which one would work best for us.” Good thing they kept on going.

The collection, called Endgrain, was commissioned by a private collector, who will house the pieces after its showing at the Senne gallery in Brussels, Belgium.

(Via Dezeen)

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