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Apple celebrates apps that pack a punch

Apple’s annual design awards pick the best of the iTunes bunch, highlighting developers that have combined design and tech in a way that compels people to download.

This year it’s a diverse group of winners, with an elegant game, an astronomy app, an imaginative puzzle and a platform for sharing panoramas.

The chosen 12 are:

Sky Guide – This app lets the user explore the skies, automatically finding stars, planets, constellations and satellites day or night. The app also provides content on all of these and simulation functions accurately portray the past, present, and future of the cosmos.

Cinemagrapgh Pro – There is now an easy way to make hybrid still/video images on a iPad. The app offers swift navigation through a bunch of editing modes and a bunch of different file formats available.

Storehouse – Visual Storytelling – A tool for powerful storytelling with customisable layouts that let users share them quickly through social media. This app links to the device’s camera roll.

Monument Valley – A game where each level is an interactive puzzle and a proper architectural structure.

Threes! – A challenging yet simple tile and grid number matching game. 

Device 6 – This is an unconventional 1960s inspired, story based game which surpasses the usual boundaries of games, books and apps. 

Blek – A puzzle game that integrates art, movement, imagination and personality.

Leo’s Fortune – An adventure based game that brings the best attributes of the console game platform to mobile.

Day One – A journalling app with a clean and elegant interface. This app lets users easily capture, organise and share their memories and photos on a digital platform.

Yahoo! News Digest – A news app for users across all verticals and interests.

Teachley: Addimal Adventure – This app combines the latest scientific research on child learning with an educational app to teach kindergarten children maths. 

PanoPerfect – A new platform for sharing panoramic photos with friends as well as posting them to social media. 

Images: https://developer.apple.com

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