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A quick word with … jewellery designer Mike Piercey

Ever evolving designer Mike Piercey has a penchant for surfing, too.

mike piercey michaeljohn jewelleryMy first job was… Washing dishes at Pizza Hut

And now the title on my business card is… Creative Director at MichaelJohn Jewellery

My day starts with… Coffee and emails. Well if I’m lucky, a surf – but mostly more emails in between designing jewellery

My first artistic memory is… There are many but I guess it’s a cross between my mum as a seamstress always designing & making dresses. My dad’s sketch book, he was hella good at drawing

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d… My whole family are building developers. I have always worked on site from an early age so Ii would be developing. It’s something I still want to do in the future

I’m inspired by…a lot of things, to cut a long story short – travel, the ocean, people and nature

I can’t live without… My surfboards and my partner

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True ‘style’ is… I think true style is within the individual, being able to take anything and make it your own, whether that’s clothes, jewellery, dance (there is something after this but can’t work it out)

My work in three words is… Ever evolving amazingness – I feel very lucky to be doing what I do

Mike Piercey is the founder behind MichaelJohn Jewellery

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