Idealog Urban

Idealog Urban

Auckland Council recently released a video detailing how far it’s come with the design of the City Centre over the last 10 to 15 years, as well as its vision for Auckland’s City Centre and its waterfront in the years to come. We had a chat with Ludo Campbell-Reid about the pace at which his vision is coming to fruition, the most impactful changes already made and what’s to come in the future.

Get connected

The modern world was meant to make us more connected. But, increasingly, it seems to be making us unhappier and more isolated. Helen Kerr, a landscape architect, master plan expert and principal at Isthmus, explains how good urban design and compact communities can limit loneliness and increase happiness.

Idealog + Isthmus

Industrial scale development leaves little room for individual expression. But Vinegar Lane in Ponsonby is a notable exception. Georgina Harris speaks with David Irwin, creative director at Isthmus Group, about the unique project and the concept of ‘collective individuality’.


The construction industry produces massive amounts of waste, says Construction Information Limited, better known as Masterspec, CEO Rolf Huber. But, he says, New Zealand can be a world-leader in smarter, less wasteful construction that's still incredibly innovative.