New Zealand’s technology sector is booming – but education needs to catch up

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New Zealand’s technology sector is booming – but education needs to catch up

The head of the country’s umbrella tech organisation says it’s boom time for both its organisation and the industry in New Zealand. NZTech now has more than 400 tech companies on board from across the country and has expanded its board, but what else is needed to grow the industry? The government’s recent investment into digital education is a start, says Vend founder and OMGTech! co-founder Vaughan Rowsell.

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New Zealand is known as a nation of innovation. Do you have something cool you've come up with that you think deserves to be recognised at the 2017 New Zealand Innovation Awards? Then enter it in the Innovation in Education, Training and Development, sponsored by Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand.

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The Government is shaking up the curriculum, pouring millions into a digital-first focus. But as the way our children learn changes, so are the physical spaces they're learning in. And Richard Naish, the director of one of the country’s most-lauded architecture firms, RTA Studio, believes better-designed public schools can help improve education. 


A recent MYOB survey found 44 percent of small business owners don’t believe the New Zealand education system enables students to gain the right skills to work in business. This is no surprise to Dr Rachel Wright, who, as the Director of the University of Canterbury’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, is working to change that with several successful student start-ups.