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New Zealand brands that ‘slay’ on TikTok

Our resident Gen-Z writer (and intern) is taking a deep-dive into the 15-second video social media platform and is taking a look at some of the best New Zealand brands on TikTok and why they ‘slay’.

By now everyone should know exactly what TikTok is, and if you don’t, what are you doing with your life?

By 2021, TikTok revealed they had reached over one billion users. The app has already proved that it is a platform that can help grow brand audiences and gain traffic. It has become a great way to promote yourself and create a brand identity.

Looking at New Zealand’s TikTok scene we’ve decided to rank our favorites based on how unique they are, why they work and why they slay. (And if you’re wondering, the word “slay” is the Gen-Z term for  ‘outrageously good’ or anything postive).

One NZ Warriors


Followers: 78.8k

Likes: 1.7m

Creativity + heavy mana = One NZ Warriors TikTok. 

If a team’s performance was based on their social media prowess then it’d be our year every year.

What makes the account particularly impressive is the ability to incorporate memes, trends and seriousness together to create cohesive content which is why it works so well to keep and attract an audience.

“Up the Wahs.”

University of Auckland


Followers: 14.5k

Likes: 658.9k

An account that comes as a surprise, and for most people that would be accurate just by looking at the follower-to-likes ratio but they produce some quality content.

Auckland Uni loves a good meme, which makes them relatable and gives them an edge over other university TikToks. They draw comparisons to Maroon 5, not all their content hits but when it does it goes off (no hate I swear).

Air NZ


Followers: 42.8k

Likes: 311.0k

Lowkey, Air New Zealand’s TikTok goes hard, not something you’d expect coming from an airline, they also take the meme and TikTok trend route with a hint of aesthetically pleasing camerawork and vibes.

Very all-rounded, not underwhelming nor overwhelming, like the Cookie Time cookies they offer on board.

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Karori Dairy

Followers: 22.3k

Likes: 545.8k

Definitely the least expected account on this list, but it most certainly punches above its weight in the TikTok realm.

The first account on this list that don’t follow the latest trends but still produces quality and quirky content, some with over a million views.

The fact that it is a dairy sets them apart immediately and provides a point of difference.



Followers: 1830

Likes: 124.5k

New Zealand’s very own Zuru is a brand now indulging in three divisions, toys, consumer goods and construction. On the surface it looks serious and corporate-like but once you see their TikTok it tells a different story.

It’s fun, friendly and they sometimes follow the TikTok trends but produces a lot of different but original content.

The Attention Seeker


Followers: 389.0k

Likes: 7.8m

By far the biggest account with almost 400k followers, you can tell from get-go, it is straight-up vibes.

As a creative agency it would be hard for them not to have a mean as TikTok. They produce original content and are entertaining to watch which is why it definitely works.

(And lowkey would be a sick place to work.)



Followers: 868

Likes: 780

They may have six videos but like the wise saying, less is more. Especially when you mix a supermarket with TikTok trends, you can’t help but laugh.

It’s the strangest combo but it works so well, just like when you mix fries and sundaes, it shouldn’t work but it does.

Honourable mention

Auckland Arnold

Followers: 1751

Likes: 15.8k

Not a brand or an organization, but just Aotearoa’s first police cat.

The reason it works is that it’s a cat, which makes for nice and easy viewing and Arnold is just cool cause he’s a police cat.

Louis Pinker-Meihana is a third-year Journalism student studying at the Auckland University of Technology. Louis has experience in a range of journalistic areas, such as lifestyle, sport, business and environment.

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