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How office decorations could prove valuable for charities

The painting sold by American Express was a 1989 Dick Frizzell oil painting of the Tarawera rest stop. It had been hanging on a wall in a meeting room at Amex’s Auckland office for as long as anyone could remember and when a staff member took it to be valued, the estimate came back at $30,000+.

With the painting not getting the love or visibility it deserved, it was decided to turn it into something valuable for KidsCan, a charity American Express has been a partner of since 2016.

“It’s amazing that our Frizzell artwork raised a significant amount under the hammer, with proceeds helping KidsCan continue to do their amazing work supporting schools that need it the most,” American Express New Zealand spokesperson Robert Bourne says.

“I encourage all businesses to take a look at what’s in their office and if something is of value, consider having it evaluated and giving back to our community.”

KidsCan’s CEO and founder Julie Chapman says the donation is an early Christmas present for the charity, and will help ensure children have all they need to be ready to learn in 2019.

“We’re so grateful that American Express realised the value of this painting!” she says. “It will make such a difference to children in hardship, who aren’t lucky enough to take food and clothes for granted.

“Selling excess art or furniture is a great way for businesses to make money for charity. We’d love it if others could take a look round their offices – there might just be something of value which could be helping hungry kids.” 

This article was originally posted on StopPress.

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