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Architecture & Spaces: transforming Auckland with Spark Labs

Auckland’s been rated as one of the most attractive places to live in the world, and with projects such as the revamped waterfront, Britomart, and shared spaces down by Shortland Street, we are all experiencing a more pleasing and lively urban space.

Celebrating the on-going changes Auckland is experiencing, and exploring new avenues of architectural innovation and design, Spark Lab is hosting a series of events this month, exploring everything to do with design and architecture.

Spark CEO for Home, Mobile and Business, Chris Quin, says Architecture and Spaces Month at Spark Lab will give people room to explore and unleash their potential in this rapidly progressive industry.

“In recent years New Zealand has really made its mark in the field of architecture. Our homes and workplaces are championing sustainability, and our innovative use of public areas – such as Silo Park in Auckland, have seen our cities transformed.”

The month-long event is designed to bring the public together and start discussions on not only what’s happening now, but also what can happen in the future for our city.

From pre-fab housing to urban gardens, architectural photography to getting on the property ladder, the month will see a variety of topics covered. Metro editor Simon Wilson and Nat Cheshire, the architect integral to Britomart’s rebirth, will round the month off with a talk on the future of Auckland.

Hosted by Spark Lab and curated by Clearly & Co, the events will be located in the Seafarers Building on Tyler Street.

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