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When a picture paints a thousand words, why your digital profile is such an important part of your web presence

With more people making decisions about who they deal with online, it’s important to personalise your digital presence with the faces of your people to create an instant level of engagement.

So why are your ‘people’ pages so important for your business?

It’s simple really – it’s human nature to relate to people more than we would a page of text. Your business becomes instantly more approachable when your team has a ‘face’ when pictures are posted: the chances of enquiry increases.

The most recent trends in social interaction have made the business world a far more consumer-focused environment. Market leading brands now focus on meeting the basic needs of their customers as a form of engagement, rather than pushing a sales-focused advertising message out en masse.

Consumers want to know there are people in your business who genuinely want to help solve their problems. It s no longer enough for your company to focus on providing a good product or service; you need to be solving people’s problems and meeting their needs.

The bka way

We use this same approach at bka office. It is professional approach, with as fun twist.

At first glance everyone looks fairly serious, respectable and (hopefully) approachable giving website visitors the warm first impression they seek. But as you watch closely, the images change slightly.

Some pictures are silly, serious, outdoor-sy; others outrageous. But overall these pictures show character and personality which tie in to one of our values, “HUMAN”.

It’s always reassuring to look at a company’s website and see who’s actually working there and what they do. So when you do start your journey with the company you’ve chosen, you know exactly who you’re talking to. With a slick staff page, John from ABC Ltd has a face attached to the four characters of text – that personifies him more than any blurb ever could.

Chucking in fun facts

When a new member joins the team, his or her picture along with contact details goes straight up on the website. We also chuck in a few fun facts to personalise the profile. Our new team member is instantly part of the bka family and recognised when our clients enter the door.

Posting about new team members is also a great way to leverage our social media. Welcoming people on twitter and publishing mini bios about our awesome new staff shows we value our people and the contributions they make to our business.

It’s all about the people, so don’t be afraid to show off your staff and show the culture that exists within your work space.

Take a peek at our team page and see what you can find! Have questions about developing a new website? Get in touch.

Aidan Lett is sales and marketing manager at bka Interactive, a digital consultancy, providing a range of services built around 12 years of experience in web, mobile and app design and development. Bka helps its clients get business booming.

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