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Xero-ferns clash on netball court in pink tutu challenge – Pink for a Day

The Pink for a Day campaign will run for a month during October.  Employees challenge their bosses to undergo one of the three challenges: fear factor ideas, such as skydiving in pink; the impossible, such as winning against a colleague in a sporting match whilst wearing pink; or silly fun, such as wearing a pink tutu for a day.

Above: Xero in netball tutu challenge

Above: Kelogg bosses in crazy hair/outfit challenge

The employee can allow the boss two days to accept or decline one of the challenges, and has to pledge to raise a certain amount of money if the boss accepts.

If the boss declines, they pay a fine and senior staff member can step up to the challenge.

The workplace then has to record the challenge when it happens and upload it to Twitter or Facebook by tagging @NZBCF using the hashtag #BossGoesPINK and encourage another business or CEO to join in on the antics by nominating them.

The campaign hopes to raise at least $250,000 from businesses and has over 1700 likes and shares on their Facebook page already.

Anything posted on social media is in the running to go on the NZBCF Wall of Fame and funds raised by businesses go into a prize draw.

“Here’s a great opportunity to twist the boss’ arm and see how much pink he or she is really made of,” NZBCF chief executive Evangelia Henderson says.

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