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CEOs fall silent for Foundation for the Deaf

Politicians Annette King, Melissa Lee and Hone Harawira, Play It Strange chief executive Mike Chunn, ATEED CEO Brett O’Riley and Ed Sims, CEO of Airways NZ, are among the leaders participating in this year’s Silent Leadership Challenge in August.

The challenge aims to increase nationwide awareness about the importance of noise-induced hearing loss prevention and to raise funds for the Foundation for the Deaf’s work for those with hearing loss or deafness.

The challenges will include communicating and participating in meetings in the workplace and watching television at home while wearing ear protectors that simulate deafness.

“Hearing impairment affects many New Zealanders and by getting involved, organisations will be privy to understanding how noise injury can impact their workplace and employees,” says The National Foundation for the Deaf CEO, Louise Carroll, who is also participating.

The leaders are encouraged to raise funds by seeking sponsorship from their professional and social networks. Among the others involved are Jason Millett, interim chief information officer, Technology Westpac, 2Degrees director of corporate affairs Matthew Bolland and retired councillor Noelene Judd.

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