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Kim Dotcom’s canny youth work

Last Sunday, Mark Sainsbury of RadioLive quizzed our esteemed leader Vincent Heeringa about why Kim Dotcom needs to be taken seriously (hint: it’s all to do with the yoof).

In the interview, Heeringa compares the Mein Kampf owner’s new party to Bob Jones’s political foray in the mid ‘90s and discusses how today’s young adults are being swept up in wave of disaffection. “Let’s be absolutely clear about this,” he says. “This is the anti-John Key party.”   

He argues that growing frustration at issues such as being locked out of the housing market, facing large amounts of debt and dealing with a government that doesn’t seem to take issues such as high-speed internet seriously could lead to Dotcom’s Internet party gaining some serious traction come election time. 

Listen to the full audio here

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