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What Gen Y wants from business, government and the workplace

Millennials believe business and government are falling well short of their duty to society, particularly when it comes to employment and the environment.

That’s according to Deloitte’s third annual Millennial Survey released today, which surveyed close to 8,000 people in 26 markets.

Millennials have high expectations and want to work for organisations that foster innovative thinking, personal development and make a positive contribution to society.

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But they also believe business business can do much more to address society’s challenges and almost half feel governments are having a negative impact on unemployment (47 percent), resource scarcity (43 percent), and income inequality (56 percent).

Other interesting facts: two-thirds are influenced by how innovative a company is when deciding if they want to work there, but most say their current employer does not greatly encourage them to think creatively.  They believe the biggest barriers to innovation are management attitude, operational structures and procedures, and employee skills, attitudes, and (lack of) diversity.

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