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Five top tips for achieving your New Year’s goals

Are you tired of broken New Year’s resolutions?

robyn pearce top five tips for goal setting and achieving your goalsIt’s time to get serious about goalsetting. This process doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, this is something that many people look forward to every year!

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Remember, consistently making small changes can be the best way to achieve long-term goals. Here are my top five tips for setting new goals.

Write down these four headings on a sheet of A4 paper, leaving space between each category:

– Self, Wellbeing and Spirituality
– Business and Career
– Home and Family
– Community and Humanity

Ask yourself questions such as the ones below. Repeat the process for each life category, writing down your answers.

– What do I want to change in my life?
– What would I really want to do in this area in the next 12 months or more?
– What lights me up?
– If I could do anything, with no limitations, what would it be?

Forget realistic for now. 

Realistic achievable goals have their place but not here. We’re talking dream goals now, not day-to-day ones. Think as big as you can. Don’t shy away from obstacles. Some of your goals may take months or years to fulfill, but it will be worth it!

Be very specific.

The more detail the better. For example, not just: I want a new house, but what kind of location, how many rooms, does it have a view, how much sunshine or shade, maybe even the kind of construction you really like.

Find or make pictures to represent your words and thoughts.

Hang it on your wall afterwards as an everyday reminder. Near the light switch or the refrigerator are great places to hang a set of goals

Once you’ve set your goals for the year, it’s time for the most important part, which is action. If you’re having some trouble with any of the steps above, we’ve developed a very easy to use filtering tool to help.

Robyn Pearce CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is known as the Time Queen. She runs an international time management and productivity business, based in New Zealand, helping people find more time.  If you’d like more time, grab your free report ‘How To Master Time In Only 90 Seconds’ and ongoing time tips at gettingagrip.com  

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