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ODV on how to be successful with video

Working with brands such as Foodstuffs, JB Hi-Fi, LDV and many more, ODV has cracked the code for video and how best to use it for brand success.

Previously known as One Day Video, ODV is a video production company, working alongside brands on all video aspects, whether it be TV campaigns or internal videos, the company covers everything cinematographic.

And with the company’s recent TV advertisement for Australian footwear brand, Archies, going viral on TikTok, its strategy seems to be working.

So that begs the question, how can brands successfully utilise video?

To answer that, we sit down with ODV Co-Founder Matt Dawson, and Marketing Director Esther Dawson.  

Videos have quickly become a main medium for brands. How can brands use video to stand out in comparison to everyone else?

Esther: I think most brands are using video now, so it’s not like having videos now is super unique. But not every video is created equal, and I think something that we find here with the clients we work with is that the story is really, really important.

We’re very interested in story and specifically a story that has an edge. I think a lot of brands in New Zealand or people in New Zealand react well to humour. And so, a lot of our videos have a lot of that comedy element or humour aspects to it or something that’s super, super engaging.

Matt: You’re using up those people’s time, so using entertainment and making it worthwhile for them in some way, whether it’s an interesting product that they actually want and hopefully you can entertain them while selling to them as well. They are a lot more likely to continue watching instead of just continuing to scroll or click skip.

Esther Dawson.

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Many brands use video as a way to become a viral sensation, what is the key to unlocking virality?

Esther: You don’t always know what’s going to go viral. There’s a point of in time where a certain amount of people see it [when it] hits the algorithm and then it spirals from there, you can’t manufacture that.

There are certain things that we know are going to do better than others, like a really engaging script and a really good hook and emotional connection, authenticity.

Matt: The easiest way and the best way to stand out is probably to be authentically yourself.

We’ve done lots of engaging funny videos for Foodstuffs internally, which for them is to get their people engaging with their internal communications, and that always works well because it’s them being a bit silly, a bit fun, less corporate, less serious and more human connection.

Your advertisement for Archies saw a bit of virality online due to its reference to the iconic Old Spice ads. What sparked this idea?

Matt Dawson.

Matt: I’ve always loved the Old Spice ad. We just came up with an idea and a character and that style of doing it in that Old Spice way worked really, really well. I think at the end of the day, it’s part of the reason why it’s got a lot of engagement as well.

It’s recognisable and a lot of people know about that ad. It’s probably one of the most recognisable piece to camera one take ads out there.

Esther: The other thing that’s iconic about it [the Archies ad] is the disconnect between the story and the character and the product that we’re writing, [and] that what makes it kind of just timeless, with the unexpected humour.

What is one thing every brand should know before making a video?

Matt: Companies quite new to doing videos want to talk about everything. [Instead they need to] hook them in, and then take them to the website and show them all the things  they need to know.

You don’t want it to be too long and you also don’t want to bog down people with too much information. Because at the end of the day, you’re trying to create something that engages and hooks people into your brand or your product or whatever it is and take them to your landing page or your website or your campaign page.

Esther: You want to intrigue enough that they go and do research.

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