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Announcing Glorious: the creative NFT studio & marketplace featuring Dan Carter, Six60 & more

A collective of Kiwi super-talent has joined forces to launch a game-changing creative NFT studio and marketplace called Glorious

With an enviable line-up of creators that includes Six60, Lisa Reihana, SailGP, Neil Finn, Dan Carter, Karl Maughan, the Rita Angus Estate and Dick Frizzell; Glorious will release exclusive works of art of the highest calibre, bringing creators and collectors closer together through the power of blockchain technology.

With a fast-growing roster of elite artists already on board, Glorious is set to elevate the world of digital art with their authentic digital masterpieces, entering a realm which has seen explosive growth over the past year, with sales in excess of $2.5 billion.

Founded by a team that includes All Blacks superstar Dan Carter, former Solicitor General Mike Heron QC, leading business and innovation consultant Scott McLiver, and creative power duo Murray Thom and Tim Harper, Glorious enters the market as a legitimate way for art, sport and entertainment enthusiasts to embrace NFTs. Glorious prides itself on being an ‘artist first’ organisation. 

“It is still commonplace that many artists across mediums are locked out of the future value of their work through unfair business models or contract arrangements,” says Co-Founder and CEO Tim Harper. 

“You only need to look at the many objections to music streaming services, for example, to understand why artists need and deserve a better deal. This is where Glorious comes in, at the forefront of this new frontier.”

The Glorious approach to NFTs centres around the creation of enduring works that benefit all parties involved. For artists, that means percentage royalties in perpetuity, every time that asset changes hands. For collectors, it means access to exclusive and valuable works of art, and 100% confidence that the digital asset they own is truly authentic, truly scarce and cannot be stolen or forged. 

Blockchain technology ensures that NFT works of art last forever as they suffer no degradation – and just like any other art form, they can be handed down through the generations. 

With high artistic value a key tenet of Glorious, the digital collections created and released through the platform are designed to be displayed. Whether collectors prefer that to be on their smartphone, home television screens, or in a digital frame, is up to them.

Not confined to just digital works, Glorious will also present membership-based NFTs built around rights and privileges, and access to creators. Experiences could be a white-knuckle ride onboard a SailGP F50, guaranteed front row seats at a Six60 concert, or a one-on-one kicking session with an All Blacks legend.

Dan Carter made the choice to join the Glorious team after feeling inspired by what NFTs can do for athletes and their connection with fans all over the world. 

“Bringing fans closer to the artists or athletes they follow is at the core of the NFT experience. Ultimately, the fans are the driving force behind all professional sport and entertainment and it’s great to be able to engage in new and innovative ways to connect with our supporters,” says Dan Carter, Co-Founder of Glorious.

The team at Glorious has also unveiled Glorious Legacy, a stand-alone premium collection reserved for iconic artists and institutions – collaborators who have all earned worldwide recognition through decades of leadership and excellence in their chosen field. These masterpieces created and released through Glorious Legacy aim to celebrate, preserve and enhance their heritage and legacy.

Auckland headquartered software development house Sylo has provided the business, legal and technology expertise to found Glorious. With sustainability at the core of Glorious, the platform has been purpose-built on a proof of stake blockchain, Cennznet, a system that is 99 percent more energy efficient than early blockchains like Bitcoin.

“Life will never be the same,” says Harper. “We look forward to connecting dedicated collectors and enthusiasts with some genuinely unique and amazing works of art and experiences as we continue to unveil Glorious this year.”

Full launch is expected to be this October, with a further line-up of major international talent to be announced over the coming weeks.

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