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Eve Wellness: Changing the game for Women’s Health

New Zealand company Eve Wellness is all about helping women better understand their bodies. Backed by a team of scientists and nutritionists, the brand offers supplements and hormone test kits to tackle the problems caused by menstruation and make life that little bit easier. 

For too long women’s health has been a taboo topic and there has been little support available for those needing it. This hard-hitting truth didn’t sit well with the team at Eve, so around two and a half years ago, the brand launched its Eve Hormone Test. The test is a solution for women to understand what is going on inside their bodies. It looks at various hormones and what could be leading to some of the hormonal challenges a person may be experiencing.

Head of Product and Experience at Eve Wellness, Beatrice Thorne, says the test requires urinating onto a card. The card then gets sent to a purpose-built lab in Hawke’s Bay where a team of lab scientists and science technicians can analyse the sample.

“We test 18 different hormone markers, including oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and their metabolites.”

“It’s incredibly comprehensive. And the reason why it’s so comprehensive is that each different type of each one of these hormones gives us more information around what’s going on inside your body.”

Beatrice Thorne

Following the analysis, a team of Eve consultants from nutrition backgrounds will prepare a personalised report based on the test results. The report can help someone understand any hormonal imbalances and where their symptoms may be coming from. From there, consultants will recommend diet tips, lifestyle tips, and products that people could use to improve their health.

“It’s been an incredible journey with that test, especially seeing what we’ve helped people achieve just through understanding what’s going on inside their body,” says Thorne.

From testing thousands of women’s hormones over the past few years, the Eve Wellness team began seeing what solutions worked for people. As the Hormone Test is a premium offering, it was important for Eve to provide something that was a bit more accessible for people needing support. With this in mind, the team launched a range of hormone supplements.

“We have quite a tight product code that we follow when formulating these products, they must be completely backed by science. All of the dosages of the products have been studied in clinical trials and then there are more trials to ensure they benefit people.”

Period Pal

Eve’s first product is Period Pal. This is for anyone who is experiencing challenges with their menstrual cycles. That could be irregular periods, heavy periods, really wild PMS moods, hormonal acne, and all of the types of situations that so many of us deal with every month. Period Pal’s formula of nutrients and herbs support healthy ovulation and progesterone production to help keep periods balanced and hassle-free.

Chill Pills

Chill Pills are for those dealing with stress and anxiety. They can be taken up to three times a day, on hand whenever a jittery mood arises. If you find the worries of the day are hanging around a little more potently at bedtime, Chill Pills taken in the evening can calm the body into a state of ease to aid in a night of restful sleep.

“Thinking about our own experiences, stress and anxiety have been a big part of our journeys with hormones as well,” says Thorne.

“We felt it was really important to offer something to support people with those feelings of anxiety that come so often.”

Take Me With The Pill

This product is for people who are on hormonal birth control or want to come off it, whether it be the pill, IUD, depo-provera, or implant. Take Me With The Pill replenishes the nutrients depleted by your birth control and eases the transition of coming off. They also include probiotics to protect the gut from damage that could have been caused.

There has been a growing body of research explaining how the pill and other forms of hormonal contraception can impact us. They can deplete our bodies of several key nutrients that are important for health, wellbeing, energy, mental wellbeing, and skin.

“There are lots of possible side effects from hormonal birth control that no one tells us about, and for many people, natural forms of birth control are just not going to work,” says Thorne.

Eve Wellness wants women to know that it’s okay to want better for themselves and there is nothing wrong with wanting to leave their hormonal symptoms behind. Thorne says products and supplements are fantastic, but it’s never just one thing that solves it for people. A combination of looking at your life and taking action for your body is most important.

“Our sexual liberation as women shouldn’t come at the cost of our health. We don’t have to just be living with these symptoms, we can actually truly live and feel great.”

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