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Me Today: The health and wellness brand changing the game

Founded by Michael Kerr in 2018, Me Today encourages positive change in the lives of its consumers through simple yet effective daily self-care.

Today we are spoilt for choice when it comes to health and wellness products. Every chemist and supermarket has an overflowing selection of vitamins, supplements, skincare, powders and the rest, but from my experience, not many of them are effective.

After stumbling across Me Today on my Instagram feed, at first I thought ‘wow, this brand is very aesthetically pleasing’, however after testing one of their many supplements, the Goodnight capsules, and actually having my first good night’s sleep in months, I knew they weren’t all talk.

Following his wife Nikki’s diagnosis of stage three breast cancer, Kerr’s immediate reaction was to stop working, stay at home and look after her. However Nikki had other plans. She encouraged him to keep himself healthy both mentally and physically so that he could be there to look after the whole family.

Kerr soon began nourishing his body, exercising and making sure he got enough sleep, however when it came to finding a trustworthy New Zealand made supplement and skincare range, the pair became frustrated at the limited options. Taking matters into his own hands, and with the help of Grant Baker and Stephen Sinclair, Kerr soon launched Me Today, which would focus on delivering high quality, natural products that Kiwis can trust.

Kerr says his mission for Me Today is to provide both New Zealanders and consumers around the world with products that are accessible and trustworthy.

“No matter what we know our products work and we’re also across categories. The supplement range includes products for everyday use, then we have more targeted products like vitamin c or magnesium, so I think we cater to a lot of different needs,” he says.

With packaging, the team wanted the brand to be clean, beautiful and stand out on the shelf at the pharmacy.

“Supplements tend to have a lot of writing on the packs which is not easy for consumers to shop, so we simplified our packaging.”

Me Today founder Michael Kerr

The launch of Me Today started with eight supplements, including everyday products, immunity products and sleep products. Elevating the brand further, Kerr and the team then introduced a skincare range, using key ingredients from the supplements that also work wonders for the skin.

“We had a fairly good feel of what we wanted to do which was offer a wide range for consumers from the start.”

The Me Today supplements are made from premium quality formulas based on scientific and traditional evidence, formulated for busy lifestyles. All products have easy to swallow capsules and are packed in glass vessels for efficacy and environmental reasons. 

The Me Today supplement range includes products that help with everything from general wellbeing to immune function, energy, mobility and relaxation. Since 2019 the range has grown to 17 supplements including high dose, targeted formulas such as B12 50, Ashwagandha 3000, and Vitamin D3 1000. 

The Me Today Skincare range has been created with essential botanicals, antioxidants and vitamins blended specially to hydrate, protect and comfort the skin. The entire range is cruelty free, vegan and/or vegetarian friendly, formulated without parabens, SLS/SLES, Phthalates, and is made from 93 percent+ naturally derived ingredients.

Alike to many other brands, Covid brought along a few challenges for Kerr and the team, however due to being a part of the health and wellness industry, Me Today was still able to trade.

“The flip side of it was that we were lucky to keep trading our products through the pharmacies, although the pharmacies did operate quite differently to supermarkets. It was a challenging time but we got through it.”

Green Cross Health has been a major contributor to the brand’s success, stocking Me Today in 280 of its pharmacies nationwide. Kerr says building the brand in 12 months through an incredible network of stores has been a major achievement.

Although already thriving in New Zealand, Kerr says the next goal is to cement some global growth. He adds that product innovation is also important and ensuring each product is made using New Zealand ingredients is a priority.

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