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Sharesies investment platform is joining the NZX

Investment profiles are small for Kiwis, with only 20 percent of us investing in shares. Sharesies is a growth investment platform that makes investing simple. Now Sharesies can trade shares in individual companies on the NZX through its online investing platform. From mid-July, Sharesies investors will have access to all companies listed on the NZX main board alongside its current share offerings in exchange-traded funds and managed funds.

Sharesies is the only investment platform in New Zealand offering fractionalised NZX shares, which means investors can invest a minimum of one cent per trade. This will apply to listed companies as well which gives a great chance for low revenue investors to get started creating their profiles.

Sharesies co-founder, Leighton Roberts, says the company was founded to make it more accessible for people to grow their wealth.

“We’re excited to bring NZX listed companies to our platform and make this accessible for our investors.  It’s important more Kiwis get equal access to investment opportunities with whatever amount they can afford.”

“Currently only 20 percent of Kiwis invest in shares, with savings accounts and property being the most common investments. There are a lot of barriers in the way of investing in shares. We’ve spent the last 6 months working with NZX to become a market participant so we can give Kiwis even more access to the benefits of the share market, something we think is hugely important now more than ever given New Zealand’s current low-interest environment,” says Leighton.

The Sharesies team

The difference with Sharesies is its low barriers for entry. From any stage in a person’s investment journey there are options, as investments can be less than $2 or $500,000, it is an inclusive way to invest.

“Everything we do is about providing equal opportunities. We know current pricing models make it more difficult for people purchasing small bundles of shares, so we’ll be looking to disrupt that when we launch in a few weeks’ time,” says Leighton.

Founded in 2017, Sharesies has more than 47,000 customers and manages more than $57M in funds for New Zealanders, establishing itself as a game changer in the investment world.

The company also became B Corp certified this April, getting the title of the first financial company in New Zealand to have the accreditation.

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