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Elevator Pitch: Romer (watch)

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Emily Heazlewood I’m the founder of Romer app and I’m 24 years old.

What’s the big idea?

So Romer is an app that helps match people to unique experiences around them, so new things to do from trending croissants to really cool hidden waterfall walks.

What’s the trend you are tapping into?

 The trend that Romer is tapping into is the experience economy, so it’s doing more with your spare time. It’s not about places, it’s about experiences so instead of saying, ‘Go to this bar’ it’s saying, ‘here is one of the best cocktails in Auckland, trusted by locals, shared to other locals and tourists’.

Where does the money come from?

So the way Romer makes money is we offer businesses in-app advertising. What it does is it collect them heaps of interesting customers and then converts them through notifications to get them into the business, proving over 22 times more engagement than Facebook and Instagram, and also proven visits every single month.

How’s that working out?

Currently, we’re just into our growth phase, so we’ve done all of our research and development, we figured out how to scale through different countries and now it’s ready to scale up through different countries and businesses. 

Have you had any issues along the way?

The biggest challenge was realising the value we were actually delivering to businesses and charging for it, it was really hard to get that to market faster, which we could’ve done earlier. 

Who’s the competition?

Our biggest competitors for businesses would be Facebook and Instagram ads, there’s local competitors throughout New Zealand and also probably for users, Google Maps is a really good other suggestion of finding things nearby, and also, you know, your local top ten like Trip Advisor.

What do you want to see happen?

The vision for Romer and the behaviours we want to see or what we want to impact is seeing people do more with their spare time: stay-at-home Mums having amazing places to take their kids, dating to make it a lot more personalised, fast and smart and then also just seeing people do more with their afternoon, so finishing work and actually going on a new adventure.

What’s next for Romer?

Our big goal is to really, really scale this so people everywhere can start sending personalised lists to each other, so like we do the Romer friday five in Christchurch, so bringing that to every single person, so here’s your top five for today, select one, or here’s, you know, your weekend plan, just really, really delivering that personal service to people everywhere, every day.

Find out more at Romer’s website.

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