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How Peter Swanson is chasing his entrepreneurial dream with Tech Futures Lab

Through his experience leading major people and change initiatives at Tegel Foods, Griffins, NZ Post and the Blind Foundation, Peter  has always been clear of the importance of continually aligning businesses to changing markets, and in recent years begun to see first-hand the impact of emerging and disruptive technologies.

He recognised that while he had a strong grounding in implementing change across an organisation, he needed to expand the expertise he’d built over the years to bring a better understanding of the digital world and the opportunities around this. Signing up for the Tech Futures Lab Master’s was an investment to his long-held dream of launching his own business venture.

“The Master’s programme has provided a way of chasing [my] entrepreneurial dream.”

“The Master’s programme has provided a way of chasing an entrepreneurial dream I have had for some time – to launch a tech-based product to solve a business problem I had a lot of experience in, in the change management field,” he says.

“Previously I was unsure on how to go about some aspects – especially how to access tech skills and expertise, and the programme has connected me to a network of people with the knowhow to make this happen. Consequently my network has suddenly expanded, opening up a whole new set of contacts with backgrounds I had not previously been that well exposed to,” Peter says.

He says, “My original idea has pivoted into a different solution than what I started with, but that’s okay as the methods I’m learning and expertise I’m getting exposed to gives me the tools and confidence that will be invaluable irrespective of the outcome of the project.”

“This programme is a powerful tool for change and innovation.”

According to Peter, his motivation to invest in the Master’s is not just about starting his own business – he wants to have a bigger impact outside of an organisation in a positive way. He says what he gets out of the Tech Futures Lab Master’s programme is ‘phenomenal’. According to Peter, conventional business programmes (such as some MBAs) don’t always give you creative or innovative people, but this programme sets people up to action change through innovation and modern business.

“This programme is a powerful platform for change and innovation. It’s a really great programme for learning about emerging and disruptive technologies and how they might impact you. It’s not about changing direction but enhancing your direction. You can pivot or build on your career. It’s an awesome programme for exploiting what you’re already good at and adding a digital overlay – in other words it supplements, strengthens and turbochargers what you’re already doing,” Peter says.

Peter Swanson is part of the February 2017 cohort of the Master of Applied Practice – Technological Futures. To find out more click here or get in touch to come in and see us in person – coffee or wine on us!

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