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Why swapping business cards is like OK Go

The three-minute video shows business cards being exchanged in a variety of ways via a combination of interlocking movements. From handing them over in a diagonal motion to setting them out on a table to collect, the routines become more and more complex with increasing numbers of people engaging in the routine at the same time. 

The clip is somewhat reminiscent of OK Go’s symmetrically choreographed music videos which show the four piece band manoeuvring themselves on everything from treadmills to motorised unicycles.

Of course, while these intricate exchanges are a sight to behold, they’re hardly a practical method of networking, which is where Eight—a Japanese business card management platform—comes in.

The video is an inventive and entertaining 2016 ad for the app which digitises and organises business cards for your phone or tablet. And while the practice might seem obsolete to those more accustomed to the LinkedIn way of doing business, it’s interesting to note that business cards are a big ceremonious deal in Japan, so much so that they even have automated machines on the street to print out your very own.

This story first appeared at StopPress.
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