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Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar continues expansion with third store opening

Moustache will be part of the area with several other popular retailers, both food and fashion alike, include Bird on a Wire, Bowl and Arrow, Espresso Workshop and Farro Fresh.

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar was an instant success with its Wellesley Street store but after a rent spike of 40 percent, owner Deanna Yang started a crowd funding scheme to keep the business going, as they searched for a new location.

The crowd funding took off, with loyal customers raising three times the intended target.

Now with one of the most creative ways to announced the location of a new business, Moustache hid six giant megapuffs around New Zealand, with clues for their fan base to find.

Clues were posted on their Facebook, and each megapuff had letters spelling out Orakei Bay Village once all together.

Four megapuffs were in Auckland, one in Kaitaia, and one in Wellington. One even required those after it to swim (or paddleboard) to it, as it was located on a raft in the middle of the harbour.

Only nine megapuffs were made in existence but added to the stores extensive range of cookies and cookie cakes.

The Moustache Milk & Cookie Bus will be settling down in the Orakei space, which is still under construction, due to open 4pm of this Friday.

While the current store is under construction, bakers have been prepping dough and stock for the grand opening tomorrow in their K Road kitchen.

The third store will join the previous two, one on K Road and the second located within Auckland University.

The team are hoping to bring more options to its fan base, including cookie inspired desserts including cookie cheesecakes, edible cookie dough and dough cookie cakes.

The megapuff hunt finished at midnight Wednesday of this week.

Moustache is an example of a business that has an unwavering fan base because of how they operate. As well as connecting with customers via social media, the store is exciting, friendly and a welcome addition to Auckland’s growing food obsession.

This story was originally published on The Register.

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