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The Cheat Sheet: Your guide to today’s media reaction to the TPP


Rob Salmon at Public Address asks what all the fuss is about. “The deal really is a very big one globally,” he writes, “it’s just not such a big deal for New Zealand.”

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Everyone wins!

At the NBR, Nevil Gibson sees the agreement as a victory for Japan and the US, but a win for everyone involved. He says the deal “restores the benefits of rules-based geo-politics over the use of coercion and force.”

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Don’t have a cow, man!

RNZ’s Morning Report, asked: Should dairy have a cow over TPP deal?

“We’re in a better position than before we had TPP,” Fonterra chairman John Wilson told Morning Report, “but it’s not the elimination of tariffs that had been the undertaking or the expectation some years ago as TPP got underway and built out of the original P4.”

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Foie gras paired with dead rat

Over at the Herald, Fran O’Sullivan was impressed that Trade Minister Tim Groser was able to order a side of foie gras with the dead rats: “The Trade Minister had to swallow a “few dead rats”. But there’s still plenty of what Groser earlier termed “foie gras” to make for a tasty trade package estimated to be worth $2.7 billion a year for NZ by 2030”.

And Dr Pat Neuwelt writes: “At this stage we still don’t know the details of what Minister Groser’s self-confessed “ugly compromises” are, but we know enough to be certain the agreement has us on the road to stagnation in health and to drive up the cost of medicines. The only question is, by how much?”

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A travesty of democracy!

At TVNZ, Professor Jane Kelsey says “government has ignored, insulted and lied to its citizens” and that “this deal is a travesty of democracy”.

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I don’t get out of bed for less than 56c

Further abroad, Fortune added up the numbers from a US perspective, including:

$28.1 trillion: Combined GDP of all TPP nations; and

US 56 cents: Minimum wage in Vietnam

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Thanks Obama!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation says that consumers have been betrayed by the deal: “US Trade Representative has acted as a de facto representative of the Hollywood big media lobbies in pushing other countries to adopt the most punitive aspects of US copyright policies – such as our over-the-top civil and criminal penalties – while at best giving lip service to pro-user aspects such as fair use.

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