Micro-phones, a bird café and lots of felt tip pens: the week in crowdfunding

Micro-phones, a bird café and lots of felt tip pens: the week in crowdfunding
Idealog takes a look at the heroes and the also-rans of this week's global crowdfunding milieu.

The Instamic

What the GoPro did for cameras, the Instamic is hoping to do for microphones.

At only 1.5 inches high and 1 inch across, the Instamic is a truly tiny microphone and recording device that can connect to any device via Bluetooth.

Splash-proof and easily to attach to moving objects or a wrist, the Instamic offers endless possibilities, from improving the audio on video productions to recording that late-night jam in crystal clear, pro-quality audio.

And we’re not the only ones to see the potential of the Instamic either; having smashed its original goal of USD$50,000, the campaign is currently sitting on $108,278 from 723 excited contributors.

Bonus points much surely be awarded for the most adorably absurd, strangely touching, promo vidwe've seen in a long time. Bravo. 

Brdi Café

Flat-packed anything is rarely noteworthy. In fact, assembling a flat-packed piece of furniture is generally something we shirk off to the most mechanically minded person in the house. Poor them.

However, we may have found an exception: Brdi Café seems to have made flat-pack fun by creating an assemble-it-yourself bird feeder. Just what you’ve always wanted, right?

Strategically punched to fold easily by hand, Brdi is tough enough to hold up to "wind, weather and the take-off forces of medium-sized birds". Crafted of light gauge aluminium and powder coated in a range of fun colours, Brdi Cafe comes with a hardwood perch and US-made suction cup hanger.

Brdi is currently sitting on $585 (USD) which is nearly 300% of their original goal with 23 days left on Etsy’s brand spanking new crowdfunding platform. 

Adult colouring book

Here’s something we bet you haven’t considered: a colouring book for adults. Well, if you’re going to find it anywhere, you’re going to find it on Kickstarter, and sure enough, a Kiwi artist is currently in the middle of creating a large spiral-bound colouring book aimed specifically at adults who love to spend their rainy days and evenings having a good, old-school colouring session.

The artist aims to produce a 40 page colouring book with perforated pages and has already blown past her original budget of $3,500. Now sitting at $4,808, the campaign has 171 Crayola-stained backers so far. 

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