Adventures of a start-up Part 8 – delivery drama, social media success and an unexpected invite

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I was having a good conversation with a stockist over lunch this week; he said it’s funny how people congratulate you on the ‘success’ of your business and meanwhile all you can see is the things that aren’t working and need to be improved … I completely understood where he was coming from! The more you grow, the more challenges you face and more potential there is for things to go pear-shaped.

Baby jar is on the shelves

It’s fantastic having a smaller jar option for people now and we’re getting great feedback, but having two products has definitely added a new level of complexity to what we do. It takes us longer to make a batch of smaller jars (more labels to stick, lids to close, etc), and it slows down the box packing for delivery as well – not to mention that of course we have lots of lovely over-barcode sticking to do (see post 7). Turns out that a lot more stockists use barcodes than we’d thought, even the smaller stores.

Delivery dramas

It’s been an absolute nightmare week for shipping. One new stockists’ box ended up at the wrong supermarket, another one got delivered to a café with no instructions to keep it chilled (goodbye little yoghis!), and a third never showed up at all. We’ve also had two breakages this week, which made a huge mess for the poor customers to clean up on arrival. We’ve already got our strong custom boxes in action, and have been using ‘Fragile’ stickers, but realise it’s time to take greater precautions. Mr Coconut has been making dividers from recycled cardboard and we’re getting some inlays made too – our theory is that the impact from the bottom of the box is what’s causing the breakages and we need something to absorb the shock. Fingers crossed that they do the trick with deliveries this week.

Getting creative with funding

We’ve been brainstorming a few creative ways to get the additional funds we need for our kitchen, and have one idea that might be a winner. Stay tuned!

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt … on the red carpet?!

The randomest email of the week award goes to a company in the States who invited us to attend an Emmy Award event where celebrities would come and eat our yoghurt. Say what?! As flattering as the invitation was, the timing seems a little off seeing as we don’t actually make/sell our yoghurt in the U.S. Had to laugh though at the thought of us two hippies from Raglan showing up at a red carpet event with our little yoghis!!

The power of social media

We celebrated reaching over 2,000 likes on Facebook with an ‘Ultimate Coconut’ giveaway this week, featuring heaps of coconut goodies from brands we like such as Pure Coco, CleanPaleo, Maiden South Pacific, Little Island, and many more. The response was crazy! Nearly 1,400 people entered and we had the loveliest comments from yoghurt fans. Vicky Moran in Wellington won and she was stoked. The giveaway was the highlight of our week and a really fun thing to do; I know for big companies 2,000 followers is nothing, but to us each person is important and we get excited about every new like – it’s a confirmation that people want our product and are interested in what we’re up to. So if you’re reading this now and you’re one of those people – THANK YOU!

Image: The Ultimate Coconut Giveaway

Peace out,

Mr & Mrs Coconut

Image: Triple-Choc Fairtrade Banana Cake

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