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Making money out of YouTube: WIFT NZ shows you how

So you thought YouTube was simply a forum to share videos of insurance workers having sex and small children hurting themselves. Not so.

Later this month Women in Film and Television (Wift) will host New Zealand’s first YouTube roadshow for film, digital and media professionals.

Wift national manager Patricia Watson says YouTube runs creator workshops around the world, but there has never been one in New Zealand.

“I’m not sure New Zealanders understand how to make money out of their content on YouTube and extend their brand more widely.

“The “Insider’s guide to success” events will share best practices on how to grow your global fanbase, demystify revenue and copyright.”

The half-day workshops will take place in Auckland, Wellington and the Christchurch between February 13 and February 17 and will involve Australian-based YouTube presenters and local case studies.

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