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Book review: Unfair Fight

Unfair Fight by Sam Hazledine 
Random House, $39.99 

book review unfair fight sam hazledine?I think I must suffer from literary envy. Every now and then I read a book I wish I’d written. Unfair Fight is certainly one of them. It’s an operating manual for small business success. And it works.

By first skimming it – as the author suggested its readers do – I was prepared not to like it. (The author, Sam Hazledine, is owner of MedRecruit and winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.)

But after diving deeper into the text I realised this was a common sense, practical and accessible step-by-step handbook to help small businesses identify and leverage a competitive advantage.

Its basic premise echoes the truism that he who lives by the sword risks being shot by someone who doesn’t.

More philosophical than didactic – it’s more than just Business 101 – the book is aimed at those who are already on the journey and want to fine-tune their operations, who want to know how to zig when others zag.

There were no brilliant insights or new tricks that would make a reader go “Wow!” but that’s to be expected; as the Good Book says,

“There is no new thing under the sun” (Ecclesiastes, Chapter 1, Verse 9).

But that’s the point of this book. Given that nothing is new, it answers the question of how we take what isn’t new and do it well. Reading Unfair Fight will be a great start. 

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