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Icehouse seeking notorious Kiwi business owners

The Icehouse’s new Wanted campaign is a Wild West-inspired call to action that’s seeking fixes to our economy – one business at a time.  

“We’re looking for Kiwi business owners who want to grow and, as a result, help lift the New Zealand economy,” says CEO Andrew Hamilton.

“New Zealand needs 3000 new businesses of international quality by 2020 to make it back into the top half of the OECD,” Hamilton says.

To reach this goal, the Icehouse has committed to “being instrumental in the creation of 1000 new businesses of international quality (BIQs) and 25,000 new jobs in New Zealand by 2020.”

A part of this solution is the new campaign, where the company is seeking out business owners keen to grow their business, but who might not have the resources or expertise to do so. 

Three business owners will get a $2000 reward that can be spent on a range of Icehouse products such as ICE Cubes (2.5 hour workshops) or ICE blocks (two-day workshops).

Since day one, the Icehouse’s mission has been to increase the international competitiveness of New Zealand’s SME’s with a hope of adding to our economy as a whole, Hamilton says.

To date the organisation has worked with over 5000 business owners, securing over $117 million in funding.

Entries to the Wanted campaign close on August 8 and the winners will be announced by August 18.

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