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The very green decomposable cookbook

A cookbook with a difference won three gold medals recently at the Pride in Print Awards – it’s certified carbon zero and is printed on paper that can decompose at the end of its life.

Chef, gardener and food writer Laura Faire’s Limited Edition Cookery was printed by Soar Printing in Auckland and won golds in the books, limited edition/fine art prints and environmental categories.

“Carbon zero books are big news in the UK at the moment, but relatively unheard of here. I really hope the success of my book at these prestigious awards will help encourage other publishers and printers in New Zealand to print sustainably,” says Faire.

The book is certified CarboNZero using a business to lifecycle measurement, with greenhouse emissions associated with the its lifecycle measured, reduced and offset through purchasing carbon credits. It’s printed on paper from managed tree farms or recycled sources, using vegetable based inks and citrus cleaners.

Soar Printing is a CarbonNZero certified organisation. The carbon credits it buys fund New Zealand renewable energy sources such as the Tararua Wind Farm and the Christchurch Burwood Gas Landfill project. 

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