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Forestry FTW! Introducing Ideal Log

Get ready for the latest addition to the Tangible Media stable of publications! Welcome Ideal Log magazine, a natural extension of leading business title Idealog.

“After so many PR pitches to Ideal Log magazine, we realised that a publication catering to the forestry industry was what the world needed. People are crying out for this sort of content!” says Idealog editor Hazel Phillips.

“We realised that trees should not only receive regular hugs, but they should also have their own media outlet.”

ideal log magazine?

Ideal Log will feature ‘log of the week’ (readers send in pictures of their favorite logs, they can win a piece of 2 by 4 for their trouble), in-depth features about trees, and the latest news from the ground (literally, the ground). 

According to the Ministry for Primary Industries, wood production volumes are expected to increase significantly in the coming years as forests planted in recent decades reach maturity, making this an exciting time for the sector.

Wood products are New Zealand’s third largest export earner, behind dairy and meat.  

“Logs FTW!”

One of the talented Idealog Team Content Producers made this post happen.

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