Booktrack offers schools a new lesson plan

Booktrack offers schools a new lesson plan
Booktrack has a new offering for the education sector with Classroom, a platform that gives students access to hundreds of soundtracked eBooks and the ability to create their own.

Booktrack is launching a new platform for the education sector that lets students read texts with a movie-style soundtrack or create their own.

Booktrack Classroom is a free tool that can be used with curriculum resources and opens access to hundreds of soundtracked eBooks.

Booktrack CEO Paul Cameron says Booktrack wants to keep reading fun for digital learners, adding teachers and parents can find it hard to get students excited about reading and writing when they can play video games, watch TV and use apps.

“On average, New Zealanders aged between 12 to 24 spend only ten minutes a day reading, compared with 140 minutes watching television," he says.

Booktrack Classroom is designed to help teachers improve reading comprehension and enjoyment for students and incorporate into their curriculum.

Booktrack’s foray into schools follows a fundraising round where it secured US$3 million from local and offshore investors. Last year it released Booktrack Studio, a platform for writers to add soundtracks to their eBooks.

The company already has backing from Facebook investor Peter Thiel, Facebook's former director of global creative solutions Mark D'Arcy and Snakk Media chairman Derek Handley.

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