Ooooby firms up Sydney foothold with Food Connect deal

Auckland-based Ooooby (Out Of Our Own Backyards) has acquired Australian food delivery brand Food Connect Sydney, doubling its customer base in the process. Also on the cards this year is expansion into other parts of New Zealand – and potentially, the US.

​Ooooby (Out Of Our Own Backyards) has acquired Australian food delivery brand Food Connect Sydney, boosting its customer base by 400.

From February 10 Ooooby will be taking over the running of Food Connect Sydney, which was founded in 2010.

Ooooby was first born as a social network about six years ago, building a community of local growers who could trade tips, and swap seedlings and food, and then launched as a fruit and vegetable home delivery business in Auckland two years later. It has grown to 16 part-time staff and a base of 40 growers, who ensure around 400 New Zealand households and 450 Australians get a box of fresh produce once a week. Ooooby entered the Sydney market about a year ago. 

Ooooby founder Pete Russell says the deal will help push the company to the next level. “Food Connect comes with 400 customers on the database and a great network of producers, with massive potential for growth.”

In New Zealand, Ooooby currently only caters for Aucklanders. The plan this year is to double subscribers and explore expansion into other city centres, including Hamilton and Wellington. Ooooby is also in talks with potential partners in the US.

 “We have developed a model that can be used anywhere in the world – a model that makes local food more accessible and affordable using technology,” says Russell.

“For years, New Zealand has been recognised for exporting quality food and raw produce. While this will continue, we believe that innovative New Zealand designed F&B business models are the next big export. Home delivery of fresh, seasonal, socially and environmentally sustainable food is becoming an increasingly significant market internationally."

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