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Countdown on to Crowd-Grown Feast

crowdgrown feast nz wynyard quarter silos?The seeds have been sown for what’s being touted as the world’s first “crowdgrown feast”, held in collaboration with Urban Pantry and The Purposive Collective, but it’s not too late to get involved.

On April 11 a group of growers will gather inside the silos at Wynyard Quarter for a unique dining experience, eating produce they have grown here. More than 40 people have already signed up and planted their crops, ranging from leeks to capsicums. 

Those who wish to attend can purchase a meal ticket (there are about 60 spaces still available) and will receive a packet of seeds or a punnet of seedlings to grow. See crowdgrownfeast.com.

The organisers aim to bring a local context to food growing by transforming homegrown produce into a fine dining experience through a nine-course menu designed by POPdining.

Chefs will cook the dishes in view of the diners, set to live music.

Menu designer and chef Ben Barton of POPdining is no stranger to innovative dining events, having previously hosted a dinner for more than 50 people using food rescued from supermarket skip bins.

“We’ve designed the Crowd-Grown Feast menu based on what grows well in Auckland over the summer, but we have to be ready to adapt it at the last minute depending on how crops turn out. We have a safety-net of locally sourced produce that we can use in the event of crop failure,” he says.

For now, the menu includes broad bean galettes, eggplant ‘meatballs’, stone fruit tart and more. 

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