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Uber puts pedal down for Auckland launch

On-demand car service Uber is hunting three key staff to bring its business to Auckland as part of aggressive expansion in Asia Pacific.

Last year the company was looking for a community manager and has added general manager and driver operations to the available posts.

“Uber is looking for the perfect team to bring our technology to Auckland,” says Uber’s Sydney general manager David Rohrsheim. “In fact, all of APAC is a big priority of ours in 2014.”

The startup, whose app connects passengers with available drivers based on their location, has already launched in 26 countries.

It’s expanded into seven new cities in the past two months and grown its revenues tenfold in the past year, according to the job ads.

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Uber is advertising for general managers, operations and logistics managers and community managers in several Asian cities, along with a Singapore-based recruitment coordinator, a corporate communicator, legal director and head of business development for Asia Pacific. Its international launcher Martin Li is based in Hong Kong.

A company recruitment video says each city feels like a startup because it hires three staff with autonomy to build the business in that location.

Last year Uber reportedly closed a U$361 million funding round, which included US$258 million from Google Ventures.

Other transport apps to launch in New Zealand recently are Zoomy, in use by taxi organisations, and Cab Chooze, along with apps developed for taxi companies operating in New Zealand.

Amanda Sachtleben is an Auckland writer and social media type, who's also Idealog's former tech editor and business journalist.

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