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Joycott, don’t boycott

joycott don't boycott green business?Too often the internet devolves into a cesspit of nasty negativity. Joycott, a social network in beta, aims to be the opposite, introducing consumers to awesome, socially and environmentally responsible businesses around the world. 

As the name suggests, rather than boycotting evil corporates, the focus here is on the little guys – SMEs, and not charities or foundations, but for-profit businesses that are concerned with social good, their environmental impact, transparency and accountability, and companies that have fallen on hard times due to circumstances outside their control.

Joycott doesn’t handle any financial transactions itself, but acts rather as a portal. Business listings are vetted by the site’s editorial team and their pages are open to user comments. 

Users can find businesses using the map application or the search function. So far, All Good Organics is looking mighty lonely down in little old Aotearoa. However, you can always check out the likes of Conscious ConsumersGreenlist or Ecobob for a more comprehensive list of green companies closer to home.

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