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Agony Lance: Organisational shuffle

We’re a tech startup growing quickly right now, and we are considering our options for a proper organisational structure. What should we think about, and how does organisational structure help influence the success of a company? – Sarah, Auckland

It’s the first of many organisation shuffles that you’ll need to do, and it’s actually less important than you think. In the very short term, you’ll want to structure the company around key people, making sure they can handle the growth of responsibilities. As you grow, you’ll identify more key people you need and with an ever-expanding business it’s relatively easy to move responsibilities around.

Try to be logical in the division of responsibilities and don’t be afraid of promoting people from within – they’re usually capable of a lot more than you – or they – think.

The founders in particular should take the burden of flexibility and the CEO should be constantly seeking to shift their own responsibilities. From my extensive formal and informal study of organisational design I’ve realised that there is no one answer and the right thing to do is to periodically flip the organisation. 

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